Customer Reviews

Easy, convenient and gentle

Well, this 43 year old mum and her 13 year old daughter have been using ClearUp for about a month now and the results have been huge. I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly our skin visibly changed. After just one week my overall complexion was more even, pores more refined and my skin felt a lot smoother and looks brighter. I was actually quizzing my daughter thinking she was wearing makeup because the overall appearance of her skin looks so much clearer and even.

We have spent a fortune on trying to find a product to suit her skin type, they were either way too harsh and drying her skin out or too rich causing more breakouts. This is easy, convenient and gentle, and she’s not constantly fighting breakouts anymore. It seems to be controlling the oil throughout the day and it’s a huge confidence booster for her having a clear complexion.

Our skincare regime takes only a couple of minutes every morning and night and it really does go to show this product is great for any age group. An affordable product with amazing results.

I’m blown away to be honest and have just ordered two more bottles. I cant wait to see what other products Scienza comes up with!

– Shelley

My skin has never looked better

I have been using the ClearUp clarifying lotion for five months now. I didn’t have acne but did have breakout prone areas (jaw, temples and between brow).

My skin has never looked better it’s glowing, it looks healthy and it feels healthy. I have combination skin with the oily T zone, well, I should say ‘had’, my face looks a lot clearer and I also haven’t had any blackheads for the past 4½ months and my pores are also a lot smaller and diminished.

I now use it once a day or twice a day, if I feel like I need to. I highly recommend this product it’s easy to use (literally less than a minute to apply) and it works!

– Kelly

Highly recommend to other Mum’s

Hi Scienza team! Just want to share with you how I got the help that I needed. I am a mother of two teenage kids –13 year girl and 16 year old boy. Both of them are suffering from stubborn pimples and I was worried because it was affecting their self esteem and of course their performance at school as well.

I have tried two brands from the supermarket, but they didn’t help at all. Frustrated, we went to our GP and we were given this acne solution of 100ml for $50!!!! I have to say that it did work, it is effective on my children’s skin, but not on my pocket.

I met you guys at the recent 2014 Pasifika festival and bought your product to try. I wasn’t really sure but I was in dire need of finding a cheaper solution. After a week and WOW! It really worked and my children said it doesn’t dry out their skin like the expensive product I bought from the GP. Thank you so much guys I am going to highly recommend ClearUp to other Mum’s as well.

– Virginia M.

Huge change in my skin

I’m 15 years old and I have had acne since I was 12. It started off mildly on my forehead then spread to my cheeks, and then to my chest and back.

After seeing the ads on TV I decided to try Proactive. I used it for a while but gave up because it was making my skin oily and the 3 step program was just too hard to use, took too long and was really expensive.

I then tried Clearasil, but it made no difference to my acne.

Seven days after using ClearUp I couldn’t see any difference until we took a second photo (below). I was expecting my face to be worse but after comparing the two I can see that the bumps on my face are clearing and some of the redness has gone away

Six weeks into using ClearUp twice a day everyday and I’ve seen a huge change in my skin. I’m more convinced that it works on my stubborn acne. My school ball is four weeks away and I know I’ll have beautiful skin for my big night.

I think all teens should use ClearUp! Thank you to my Mum for introducing me to this amazing product!


– DH

Clean pores

Hello Scienza! My story is worth sharing. I am in my 40’s and I have melasma on my cheekbones. I use depigmenting or lightening creams, but it doesn’t help much. Because of this, I have use heavy makeup to hide it.

I got interested in your ClearUp‘s skin-deep cleansing property as I am aware the daily makeup I wear could be clogging my pores. I tried your product to cleanse my face at night and applied my cream for pigmentation after.

After three weeks, I have noticed that my melasma is fading when I am using the same product all the while. I am not a scientist, but this convinced me that clean pores helped my lightening cream become effective. Many thanks to You!

– Christine W.