Scienza ClearUP Plus Anti-Blemish Lotion 110ml

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Scienza ClearUP plus Anti-Blemish Lotion is extremely effective for sensitive prone skin, helps reduce blemishes, acne scars, skin pigmentation, age spots leaving your skin clean, clear and velvety smooth and evenly toned.

# Contains Witchazel and NZ Harakeke Extract
# A gentle formula for sensitive skin
# Suitable for men, women and teens
# Diminishes blemishes, pigmentation, age spots and rosacea
# 100% fragrance and paraben free
# Not tested on our furry friends
# Non drying so it doesn’t dry out your skin
# A simple no rinse routine
# Brightens your skin
# Melts away even long-wear makeup
# Deeply Cleanses, Exfoliates and Lightens Blemishes
# Recommended for all skin types
# Great for moderate breakouts, blackheads, or white bumps
# A must have product, that saves you time and money
# Use twice daily, for best results

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12 reviews for Scienza ClearUP Plus Anti-Blemish Lotion 110ml

  1. Kris van de Water

    So sorry for late comment. I was a lucky winner of ClearUp Clarifying Lotion. Have been using it a few days now and I must say I am impressed. I have always had difficulty finding products for my face, I am combination and what suits one part, effects the other. But ClearUp has given me a nice even balance without drying out the rest of my face. Thanks so much for this.

  2. S’Pia Glamuzina

    I purchased a bottle last week to try on my teenage daughter who not only suffers from Acne but also Eczema and was pleasantly surprised at the results and my daughter is extremely happy as with other stuff we have used it caused a terrible reaction. So thank you to the person who recommended this stuff to us and thank you to Scienza for making a awesome product.. We shall be back for more!!

  3. Alice Jardinero Monzon

    At my age, I never have expected that I will have these nagging problems of big pimples just springing out in my face. I was so skeptical about using products like this, but was tempted to try when I saw the result on some of my friends, and I never looked back. I now use it as a part of my beauty regimen to ensure that my face is free of nasty pimples. I highly recommend this product, it will really CLEAR-UP your skin.

  4. Hannah Gibbons

    I have been using this for one week now and I already love it! Non-drying and it works!! I had two pretty bad break outs and reactions to stress and it has already come down and my skin is so much smoother! LOVE IT!

  5. Kim Wallis

    This is the Only stuff that has cleared my face up I LOVE IT thanks heaps!!

  6. BoyKristieann Hunt

    These products are great my skin has needed some love after having treatment for cancer can’t wait to try some of the others!!

  7. Eve Hiku

    Great NZ-made product that is affordable and effective. The 2 for 1 offer was great incentive to try the product.

  8. Cindy Kim

    I have recently received Scienza ClearUp Plus Anti-Blemish Lotion and it had been amazing!! Within 3 days of using it my skin has cleared up a lot especially on my cheeks. Its really good that the product is vegan and cruelty free 🙂

  9. Emily Roycroft-Stone

    Have been using ClearUP Plus Anti-Blemish Lotion for a while now and am having a pretty good response with it so far, my skin is quite stubborn and acne prone but this is definitely helping alot. Thanks so much guys!

  10. Paula Toleafoa

    I would like to let you know that I endorse the product ClearUP Plus Anti Blemish. I highly recommend using the products made by this company.

  11. Emma – Mum of 2

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, I’m sooo glad I tried this anti blemish lotion! For one, at a very respectable price it both a cleanser and toner so instantly saving you money. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. The bottle will last ages but once its empty this is something I would be more than happy to re-buy and I’m tempted to try more items by this brand.

  12. Nikita

    BEST THING FOR ACNE!!!! I am highly acne prone and at 21 I’m now break out free….. I’ve tried every acne product including Proactive and nothing worked 🙁 but this saved my life and I am now acne free 🙂 at $17 bucks it’s so worth it guys!

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