Scienza CoPaw Natural Relief Balm 85g

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Scienza Skincare developed a natural healing and nourishing balm that is free from Petroleum, Silicones and Parabens, it’s even Steroid Free.
Our gentle balm repairs and nourishes dry outer skin and penetrates deeply to hydrate, restore and regenerate skin cells. With regular use, you will see a dramatic improvement in your skin’s softness, tone and flexibility. It’s packed with the goodness of Coconut Oil for skin moisturisation and fermented Pawpaw (Papaya) which contain enzymes papain and chymonpapain, which has exfoliating properties that remove dead and damaged skin.

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CoPaw Natural Relief Balm contains Virgin Coconut Oil, freshly fermented Pawpaw (Papaya) and NZ Natural Bees Wax, which aids a natural way of healing many skin conditions.

It is excellent for moisturising dry skin especially people with a sensitive skin type. Assists the natural healing of nappy rash, cuts, minor burns, sunburn cracked lips, insect bites, dry skin, stretch marks, chaffing, softens heels and temporary relief of psoriasis and mild eczema.

Ingredients: Lanolin Cera, Helianthus Annus (sunflower) Oil, Beeswax (Cera Alba), Carica Papaya (Papaya) fresh fermented fruit, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Allantoin, Panthenol, Fragrance.

5 reviews for Scienza CoPaw Natural Relief Balm 85g

  1. Jennifer Bainbridge

    These are fantastic products highly recommend. They CoPaw is a beautiful natural gentle on skin product – and so nice to see it has no petroleum jelly which dries my skin out badly

  2. Faye

    Extremely good for my baby’s skin. especially love that it’s not petroleum based.

  3. Sue Lovett

    My husband put CoPaw onto a red, swollen area on his hand that he had scratched really badly with rose thorns. By morning all swelling had gone, the scratches healed over and no side effects.

  4. Debbie McQuillan

    UPDATE: I have never ever updated a review before, but here goes. Dermatitis on my hands has been driving me nuts for years now. Breakouts of painful blisters that itch and eventually dry out and crack and bleed. Then repeat. Since discovering CoPaw, I have used it as a hand cream every night before bed. A good lathering rubbed in and massaged into my skin. It has replaced the steroid cream nightly ritual. But now I don’t get the breakouts. Not like they used to happen. I get a few scattered blisters that heal in a couple of days but never progress. If I don’t use CoPaw for a couple of nights … boom … blisters galore and much ouch. Add to the positives, the skin on my hands is amazing and soft, and my nails are super strong and grow faster since I started this routine.
    ORIGINAL REVIEW: CoPaw is a new thing in my life, and I really love it. All natural, Kiwi made, smooth, and not a petrochemical in sight. I have so far used it on a minor burn, dry skin healing from dermatitis, an angry cluster of mosquito bites, and dry unhappy lips. Amazing and fast results. I have been a long term user of a well known brand of PawPaw ointment, but I will never go back to the dark side. The smooth, silky consistency of CoPaw, the way it absorbs into the area it is treating, just brilliant. I love too that it has the big 85gm pot, or the smaller travel pack, perfect for handbags or over night bags. Throw the other stuff in the red tube out – it’s overpriced Vaseline! Grab CoPaw instead!

  5. Katrina

    This product is amazing I love CoPaw! I have eczema around my eyes and usually have to use steroid based creams to get rid of it, but after using it at night for a few days, its cleared it up. So happy to use a natural balm rather than harsh medicines on my face. I also love using this on my children, heals up all their scrapes, grazes and dry patches in no time!

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