Scienza Natural Tattoo Balm 50g

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Rub a small amount of Scienza’s Natural Tattoo Balm between your fingers then apply to your tattoo and/or body as required, massaging in well until it has been absorbed into the skin.  For best results use after a bath or shower.

Our Natural Tattoo balm is water-free and a small pot goes a lot further than you may expect.

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Our simple and Natural Tattoo Balm promotes quick healing and helps prevent scabs / infection / itching / loss of colour and temporarily relieves pain.  It will balance the pH of your skin as it creates a breathable (non-occlusive) moisture barrier.  Our Natural Tattoo Balm helps prepares the skin to make it more soft and supple, offers superior glide when being tattooed, and can help moisturize and settle skin post tattoo.  No other product will help your skin repair better or sooner.

100% PETROLEUM and PARABEN FREE – and is made from only the finest ingredients, including Coconut Oil and Fermented Carica Papaya, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin B.  So ditch the petroleum jelly and use top of the range premium ingredients on your beautiful tattoos.

This tattoo balm SOOTHES, MOISTURIZES & PROTECTS: Our balm keeps your tattoo area soft and moisturised as it locks in moisture, and provides a wealth of beneficial, natural ingredients.

To use: Apply freely and as often as required.


Ingredients: lanolin cera, helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil, beeswax (Cera Alba), carica papaya (fresh fermented fruit), coconut (cocos nucifera) oil, allantoin, panthenol, fragrance

1 review for Scienza Natural Tattoo Balm 50g

  1. Teuila

    I was given this after getting my Malu done it was by far my largest tattoo experience ever. I used this instead of antiseptic cream as I wanted something natural, my ink healed nicely and this claimed to be antiseptic and antibacterial so I just decided to try it and was thoroughly impressed. It seriously reduced the amount of itching, my tattoo healed quickly and I continue to use it on a daily basis to revive my dry skin. Purchase this if you’re interested in a fast heal and less itch!

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